PT. Sunrise Steel always strives to maintain the availability of its products for the production stability of its customers.


Zinium Product Packaging

To keep coated coils durable and rust-resistant during storage in warehouses and shipping to consumers, coils must be packed firmly and completely.
At PT. SUNRISE STEEL coil packaging uses the method shown in the picture on the side to maintain coil quality.

To keep the coil from corroding, the coil must be wrapped with inhibator packing paper (VCI Paper) and to protect the coil on the edges, the coil is covered with a protective sheet for the inside and outside of the form Peripheral protection sheet.

To keep the wrapping layer tightly closed, it is used strapping.
Three coil ties toward the coil, three ties across the coil.

For labeling done twice. First, when the coil has not been packaged, which is placed on the inner diameter. And the second is on the side which contains the specifications of the coil on the outer side.

Sistem Kemasan

Goods Movement & Storage System


Zinium Product Storage

For the quality of the finished product (coil), special treatment is required during the handling process (handling), and storage (storage) to prevent damage.

When the coil is placed on the floor, the coil must be placed on a wooden pallet to avoid corrosion due to direct contact with the floor. In addition, the coil is provided with a restraint (stopper) to avoid the potential for the coil to roll which results in an incident or accident.

Coil storage at PT Sunrise Steel's warehouse uses an effective and efficient method. To save space in the warehouse area and facilitate the identification process, the coils are stacked in two (double stacking) and grouped by coil dimensions (width & thickness) and product specifications (grade, coating mass, weight).

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