PT. SUNRISE STEEL was established in Indonesia as an answer to customer's needs for high quality Zinc Aluminum Alloy coated Steel with high durability that can be applied to all aspects of human life. This innovation appears as the only solution of Zinc Aluminum Alloy coated Steel which surpass the principle of “Longer Usage Term”

PT Sunrise Steel innovation is the only Zinc Aluminum Coated Steel (BjLAS) product that fulfills the "Longer Usage Term" principle compared to other similar products, which is also friendly to the environment and for future survival.

PT. SUNRISE STEEL aims to touch every aspects of human life through Zinium, to give more value through various usage, from building materials, electronic components, household appliances, and many more. PT. SUNRISE STEEL also commit to change the future by producing high quality product with premium durability that can contribute more benefits for human and environment

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