PT Sunrise Steel provides reliable product quality assurance along with our commitment to be able to serve our customers as well as possible. If necessary, the sales team and technical back up we will be happy to provide an explanation regarding how we properly handle our products, including during shipping, storage and processing roll forming at the customer's production facility or on a related project. PT Sunrise Steel provides a comprehensive product guarantee, from the time of delivery to the location, as well as a guarantee letter related to the use of our products in certain projects. We also periodically conduct customer satisfaction surveys as evaluation material to maintain consistent and sustainable product quality and service to PT Sunrise Steel's customers.

SNI National Standard

ZINIUM® has obtained an SNI certificate from the SNI Certificate Agency, it's meaning that every product sheet of ZINIUM® has national quality standards that have been verified and certified. The SNI symbol on ZINIUM® products is not just a logo, but a guarantee of quality according to recognized quality standards.

ISO 9001:2015 Standard Quality

PT Sunrise Steel guarantees product quality through the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2015. In addition to product quality, through this ISO certificate, PT Sunrise Steel has an integrated quality management system with international standards and improves its ability to satisfy customers.

Guarantee Letter From Sunrise Steel

The best support for product quality consistency is provided by PT Sunrise Steel through Warranty Letter to guarantee service life, specification consistency, and usage of ZINIUM® which is used in your project.

Mill Certificate

PT Sunrise Steel can issue a Mill Certificate for ZINIUM® as a guarantee of material source which is clear and quality assurance for quality/grade materials, technical specifications, material tests, and other mechanical properties.

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