Our production facility is equipped with improved computerized control system using SIEMENS $7 automation system to ensure product quality and more predictable manufacturing

We use only the best machineries and equipments to produce high quality product, such as high power jet flow metal melting inductors from AJAX, USA, edge ridge build up detector from IRM, BELGIUM, and FIVES STEIN Annealing Furnace machine from France. Especially for the edge ridge detector, we believe we are the ONLY metal coated steel producer in Indonesia which implements this system. So, we can guarantee the best edge condition in every coated steel coil that we produce

Since product surface is usually a prime concerns for roll forming application, we took careful consideration in selecting the best surface treatment chemical for our product. We select the best Resin and the latest development Passivation chemicals to be applied to all of our product surface which will guarantee our product the easiest product to process in your forming process and to LOOKS NEW LONGER


PT. SUNRISE STEEL provides Slitting Machine to support customer's need for Zinc Aluminum Alloy coated Steel in various sizes, so that customers can directly process Zinium accordingly to their needs. It helps customers to save time and energy as well as maximize work efficiency

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